Keep Your Bridal Party Organized With Monogram Bridal Party Tote Bags

monogram bridal party tote bags imageYour big day is coming up and you have dreams of a special, calm, and smooth running day. So, the last thing you’re prepared to deal with is unprepared bridesmaids. You have enough to worry about, right? This practical bridesmaid gift idea will not only show your bridesmaids how much you appreciate them, but it will keep your bridal party organized, relieving any undue stress on your wedding day.  Continue reading


Just Engaged: 10 Helpful Tips for Beginning Your Wedding Planning

wedding rings in the sandWould you believe 40% of all engagements will happen between the months of November and February? I have suspicion, that out of these, many of them happen right around Christmas. If you’re one of the lucky ones who have just gotten engaged, you’re probably feeling a little overwhelmed right now. People are sure to ask you questions you’re not ready to answer, and giving you all kinds of advice (not always good advice either.)

If all of this “stuff” is putting a damper on your post-proposal excitement, take a break and read these 10 helpful tips sure to put you on the right wedding planning path. Continue reading

10 Personalized Gift Ideas for the Guys


In partnership with our sister company Vital Signs and Apparel, we have put together a holiday shopping guide featuring the top personalized gifts for the men in your life. Whether they are hunters, fishermen, gardeners or cooks, we have something for everyone! Simplify your holiday shopping this year with a personalized gift the recipient is sure to love.

When we asked our Facebook fans who they had the hardest time shopping for, it was obvious most people struggle with buying gifts for the men in their lives. Whether the men in your life are home brewers, coaches, gardeners, or cooks, we’re here to simplify the gift buying process and make sure you get something you’re proud to gift! Continue reading

20 Interesting Wedding Engagement Statistics

lovePlanning a wedding? We’ve compiled some fun statistics that we hope will help answer some questions you may have had along the way. Questions like; How many guests do most people have? How many people should be in the wedding party? What’s the average length of engagement? and many, many more.

After reading through this comprehensive list, you’ll be able to wow people with your knowledge of wedding engagement statistics. Imagine the great conversations you’ll be able to have at your next cocktail party when you’re the only guest that knows that 20% of all wedding gowns are purchased from David’s Bridal! OK, so you may not be lighting up any parties after reading this, but we guarantee you’ll have a better picture of what to expect while planning your upcoming wedding. Continue reading

Drink Koozie Wedding Favors

Beer Koozie Wedding FavorsThis past weekend, we were honored to attend the wedding of our friends Alex and Traci who used Vital Bridal Keepsakes drink koozies as favors for their guests. We wanted to share a few photos with you, and to say THANK YOU to Alex and Traci for having us there to help celebrate their special day.  They are a truly special couple, and we can’t wait to see all of the wonderful things they accomplish together in life.

5 Surprising Reasons Why a Personalized Gift Makes a Lasting Impression

Personalized Family SignIn a day and age of getting anything you desire at the click of a button, have you ever stopped to think about how great of a feeling you get when you get something that was made just for you?  Even those advertising pieces that come in the mail from time to time, and happen to include personalized return address labels as your “free gift” can bring you a happy feeling.

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About the Unity Sand Ceremony and it’s Symbolism

 Rustic Wedding Sand Vase

If you’ve thought about getting married, or are in the process of planning your wedding, we’re sure you’ve seen unity sand vases and references to unity sand ceremonies everywhere.  This became an especially popular trend after Trista and Ryan from the TV show the bachelorette broadcasted their wedding live and featured the unity sand ceremony.  So, what’s the unity sand ceremony all about, and what is the significance?
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